Tunnel Vision, cold sweats and swing sets

Tunnel Vision, cold sweats and swing sets

The drive to work this morning seemed to take forever. I felt like (and honestly still do) I was on the verge of going insane pretty much the entire day. I regretted going to work almost as soon as I got there. I promised dana yesterday that I would finish the search code by tomorrow so I set about getting it done. I finally fixed the dropdown list that for the tables in the sort area. I had it all pretty much working yesterday except that the same tables were ending up in the drop down list twice. I basically had to check the existing list as I added new tables to see if it was already in there. I also resorted the list to be in alphabetical order right before I set the datasource of the dropdown list.

After i finished this I checked in all the code in the search project. I also checked in the code changes that I had made to trunk to cleanup most of the pages and add regions and to follow some of the standards that Nathan put in place.
I got cold feet and decided that I wasn’t thinking straight enough to merge the search code into trunk. I did do a trial run to see what kind of conflicts I was going to have. Unfortunately there were many. Most of the conflicts were easy to handle as it is obvious which version takes precedant over the other however the mainform.cs is a different story as the code needs to be combined. This part always sucks. We need a new system that lets us add more sub systems without it being a major ordeal.
I decided to come home as I knew I wasn’t going to get anything else done and I was on the verge of full freak out. I sent Dana and Paula an email saying that I didn’t feel well. This is absolutely true, I’m just not prepared to announce that I’m quiting smoking and not sure that anyone will understand the significance of it or how much it sucks.
When I got home I decided to find manual stupid labor to do to keep my mind off of things. I went to the back yard and took the rusty falling apart swing set down. I stacked up the pieces over on the other side of the barn. I’ve now decided to dig a ditch all accross the side of the fence to the neighbor to the right of me (Roberto). I’m going to put the poles in the ditch and fill it back up. I’m hoping that this will keep the dog (Sugar) from being able to dig his way over to their yard. I’d rather use concrete but I don’t want to spend the money and conveniently I have some poles that I need to get rid of.
I also plan to get Drew to help me pick up all the bricks next to the back porch so that I can level up the ground over there and put the bricks back and hopefully it will look nicer. Let’s see how long I am still interested in Home/Yard improvement historically not very long.
I also called and bought a replacement battery for my laptop from Dell. I intend on putting Ubuntu on it along with windows XP. Now that drew’s laptop is working I can hopefully keep him off of this one.